The software for computational methods developed by the Signal Science Lab are publicly available to researchers via The detailed documentation for software usage can be found on the website.

NERD Software

The software can be applied to recover any 1D signal with SNR >= 1. The method uses wavelet denoising approaches developed at the Signal Science Lab and contains advanced noise thresholding procedures.

WavPDS Software

The software is specialized for Pulsed Dipolar ESR signals (or any signal with exponential decay). The method incorporates NERD with additional signal processing features.

SF-SVD Software

The software uses Srivastava-Freed Singular Value Decomposition Method to solve ill-posed methods for obtaining the approximate solution. It also contains the uncertaintly analysis program.

Decomposition Level Selection Software

We maintain a GitHub repository ( containing MATLAB scripts to replicate our simulations and other analyses.

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